lunedì 19 giugno 2017


The attack to the Mosque of Finsbury Park has to reject immediately for avoiding  the clash of religion that mental sick want for retaliation.
We European Muslims and the Muslims worldwide condemn any sort of terrorist attack made in the name of a religion. The Christians and the Muslims are not responsible for the violence but only the victims.
It is a big  mistake generates hate and respond to the criminals with other atrocities.

domenica 4 giugno 2017


News of last night's terror attack in London reached me and everyone else in the European Muslim League with equal measure of disbelief and outrage.

We are in the holy month of Ramadan, a time for peace and reflection, prayer and fasting. Those who brought this carnage to London show they have no respect for their fellow human beings nor the great faith of Islam.

The European Muslim League extends its  condolences to those whose loved ones never came home last night and our thoughts and  prayers are with the survivors and those involved in the emergency services, the rapid response of the latter brought a quick end to the horrific violence in the heart of London.

Alfredo Maiolese
President of European Muslim League

sabato 27 maggio 2017


The President of European Muslim League, Alfredo Maiolese for the beginning of the Holy Month wishes to all the Muslim Communities in Europe and worldwide Ramadan Mubarak.
In the meantime we condemn the terroristic attack which had hidden the Christian Copts of Egypt. We remember to everybodies to struggle for peace and respect with the non muslim communities and religions.

martedì 23 maggio 2017


This is the message that EML President, sent to the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

To Mayor of Greater Manchester Dr. Mr. Andy Burnham,

Dear Mayor,

I want to convey the great sadness and horror we felt as news began to emerge late last night about the terror attack on the Manchester Arena in your great city.The appalling news, including a death toll of 22 and around 60 injured, has yet to yield the identity of the person(s) responsible but please know this, we are united in grief and would like to send a message if solidarity towards you and your people.Whoever committed this act can only have been fuelled by a hatred which has no place in our Faith and this act will have certainly appalled Muslims across Europe and the wider world.Parts of Europe are still trying to come to terms with terror attacks in recent years but we are confident the enduring spirit of human nature will triumph over the sort of hate and fear these acts of terror are designed to spread.This is just a short message of solidarity from the European Muslim League and if there is anything you feel we can do or say to alleviate the pain of the people of Manchester please do not hesitate to contact us at EML. We have representatives throughout Europe, including the UK.

Kindest regards

Ambassador Alfredo Maiolese, EML President

giovedì 27 aprile 2017


Dr. Arben Ramkaj member of EML in Albania is a very active representative of our organisation.
He is making a lot of efforts in Albania and Balkan to spread the right Islamic religion and to serve the Muslim community.
Here during the seminar with not Muslims speaking how fighting extremism and intollerance.

mercoledì 26 aprile 2017


On invitation of Permanent Observer Mission of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation  (OIC) to the European Union, our Secretary General Mrs Yvonne Ridley,  had meet in Bruxelles, Ambassador H.E. Mrs Ismat Jahan.
In a cordial meeting the two representatives, had discussed the mutual and future cooperation between OIC and EML in Europe for supporting peace and integration.

sabato 22 aprile 2017


Paris is once again the target of ISIS terrorism, which brutally attacks the law enforcement. We express our pain for the victims and our closeness and solidarity with their relatives, colleagues and friends. Our solidarity then goes to all the French people who have repeatedly been hit by Jihadist violence, aimed at upsetting peaceful coexistence in the country and radicalizing public opinion in the nationalist and xenophobic direction. We will remember the victims of this latest attack and all French citizens.