martedì 14 novembre 2017


Our Ambassador of Peace Prof. Yahya Juan Suquillo, has been invited in Seoul, to support peace and respect between different religions.
Delegates arrived from all continents.

mercoledì 1 novembre 2017


Islam does not advocate the killing of civilians, and to use the slogan of Allah hu akbar before an atrocity is a crime against the faith itself.  This horrible act tarnishes the image of every day Muslims and is unacceptable both morally and religiously. 

giovedì 5 ottobre 2017


Our Representative in South Africa Mufti Ahmed Pandor had organized an important conference regaring Jesus* in the Gospel and the Quran.
Muslims and Christians together to  understand better Islam and to avoid clash of religion.

lunedì 2 ottobre 2017


After this massacre of innocent women...what we can say...only crazy men or in bad faith, can use the name of God to commit crimes against humanity, strangers to any religion or civilization.

sabato 30 settembre 2017


Our member in Albania, Dr Arben Ramkaj has partecipated to an important seminar as panelist.
The subject matter was:
Facing the challenge of radicalism and violent extremism in the Western Balkans.Organized by the Albanian Institute for International Studies with the Students of the International Relations of the University of Tirana.

martedì 12 settembre 2017


Our representative Dr. Rudina Collaku in collaboration with WCDC organized the Second  two-day Albanian Youth Forum for girls.
Under the slogan: " In the race of excellence...there is no end line"
The girls are from different cities of Albania.
The purpose of this social, religious and cultural forum is:
**The information and educational contribution towards girl character construction through social topics, documentaries and discussions.
**Awareness of religious radicalism and its damage
** Workshop on Time Management and Volunteer Work
** Entertainment and various formative competitions like the Painting Fair.